Jolana Miller

I always knew the Florida saying, “We salt the margaritas not the sidewalks” was calling me. Thanks so much for letting me hang with you while you work, run errands or just want to get home after a long day.  My parents thank you too after sending me to Syracuse University & DePaul University.  Please don’t tell them I skipped class a few times to jump on the train a couple of stops to Wrigleyville for afternoon Cubs games in the bleachers with cheap beer.

 For me it all started on a snowy evening in St. Louis with the top of a spoon wrapped in tinfoil interviewing my stuffed animals & playing music. In high school I read the morning announcements over the intercom, then college airwaves time. I still pinch myself that radio is passionately my career.   

I grew up an avid skier on the slopes in Vail, Colorado (steep, deep, toss in moguls & I’m in paradise), so a snowy winter is still a thing with me when it involves skiing. Then there’s my love of water whether I’m on it sailing or under it scuba diving.  My Golden Retriever Doodle is my best friend who of course loves water (& snow) as well.

 Handcrafted cocktails with pink grapefruit juice? Yes please! I’ll buy the first round while we’re waiting for our New York style pizza with extra cheese. Having lived in the northeast for so much of my life I will forever cheer my beloved Patriots & Red Sox so there’s that, & I hope you still like me during football season. Shoe shopping? Absolutely!  I’m literally doing it right now.  I’m a romantic at heart, I truly believe in the power of positive thinking, the law of attraction & gratitude walks with Doodle are my piece de resistance. Oh & Haagen Dazs Chocolate, Chocolate Chip ice cream, cupcakes, cotton candy, & whole chocolate milk are some of my vices. Can you imagine what would happen if I merely attempted to go sugar free?  A bit horrifying for sure.


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