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Experts are warning of a coming surge of Covid-19 cases in US

The US could see an explosion of Covid-19 cases as fall and winter set in, one expert says, joining a chorus of health officials who have warned about the challenges of the coming months. Two things will likely help drive that expected winter surge, according to Dr. Chris Murray, director of the University of Washington’s…MORE

This is what happens to your body over months in isolation

Since the pandemic officially began in March, we’ve been told staying home is the best way to avoid catching Covid-19. And it is. But life in confinement can cause physical ailments on its own. Being homebound for so long contorts the body, weakens the heart and lungs and even impairs brain function. The effects of…MORE

Insect-inspired robots that can jump, fly and climb are almost here

Picture a robot. Did you envision a giant machine assembling cars, Data from “Star Trek,” C-3PO from “Star Wars” or “The Terminator”? Most of us would probably think of something massive — or at least human size. But a whole arm of robotics is focusing on bug-size ‘bots (and smaller). It’s not just the size…MORE

Unpacking Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s record on race and criminal justice

This week has been a gut punch. Already reeling from the implications of what the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg means for the future of civil rights in America, we had to sit with the rage over the lack of charges in Breonna Taylor’s death. But there were some moments of hope. Zendaya’s moving…MORE

This is what a job ad for an alligator hunter looks like

If you’re a fearless Floridian looking for a new gig, this opening might be right up your alley: nuisance alligator trapping. Applicants for the position of “nuisance alligator trapper” are being solicited by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Division of Hunting and Game Management. According to the state’s FWC website, the initiative is…MORE

All the top-tier of college football conferences are now planning to play this fall

It’s official, all the top-tier college football conferences are now planning to play this fall. The Mid-American Conference (MAC) and Mountain West Conference (MWC) were the latest two schools this week to announce an altered season. This means that all 10 conferences in NCAA’s Football Bowl Subdivision — the top tier of college football —…MORE

Kentucky’s only Black female legislator arrested in Breonna Taylor protest

Kentucky state Rep. Attica Scott, the state’s only Black female legislator, was among 24 people arrested Thursday by the Louisville Metro Police Department during Breonna Taylor protests, the Democratic lawmaker confirmed to CNN after her release from custody Friday morning. Scott — who in August had pre-filed legislation to end the use of no-knock warrants…MORE


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